Rock N Bowl

Rock 'n' Bowl 10 pin bowling alley is a new 2100M2 building in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath Ireland.  It opened in December 2009.  The building is heated and cooled by five ComfortDiscs providing heating, cooling and heat recovery for the building.

The design intent was to provide heating using hot water made by condensing gas boilers and air conditioning provided by air source heat pumps. In a time of increasing energy costs, heat recovery was also required.   The best equipment for this job was ComfortDisc using hot water coil modules, air conditioning modules and heat recovery modules and air dispersion by Ductsox fabric ducts where possible.

Ductsox is used to disperse the conditioned air throughout the main area on four ComfortDiscs.  The fifth system used small supply duct and flex tubing to distribute the conditioned air.  Economy, efficiency and comfort were the client's requirements.  ComfortDisc delivers this throughout the building.  EC fan motors provide the lowest power consumption possible, combined with the heat recovery modules have a 84% thermal efficiency.  This gives the building low running costs and minimises the CO2 emissions.

CO2 sensors determine the ventilation rate depending on building occupancy.  This is an adaptive and intelligent way to gain the best energy efficiency and provide the best in visitor comfort.  There is independent time and temperature control for each ComfortDisc with remote sensors relaying the temperature back to the controllers centrally located at the reception area.  This maximises efficiency and visitor comfort.

Also adding to energy efficiency are the new Daikin ERQ series condensing units.  The air conditioning coils have been specifically designed by ComfortDisc to match with the new Daikin ERQ series condensing units.  These latest model condensing units are the most efficient available from Daikin Europe.  The ComfortDisc control software was specifically written to control the startup, ramping and operation of the Daikin condensing unit.  Various parameters such as suction and liquid line temperatures, return and supply air temperatures and outdoor air temperature are taken into account by the software to get the best possible efficiencies from the Daikin condensing unit.

The ComfortDisc control panel uses Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) from Carel to control the condensing unit, supply fan, HRV fan, fresh air damper, boiler signal, duct static pressure, air conditioning coil temperature, mixing air damper, CO2 sensors condensers and supply duct temperature.  The control panel checks the CO2 levels and adjusts the heat recovery and supply fan rates in relation to the build up of CO2 in the building.  The fresh air damper and mixing air dampers are opened and modulated as necessary.  The supply duct temperature is controlled in air conditioning mode, heat demand and boiler signalling are also handles by the control panel.   The four line LCD readout displays all the parameters as well as fan speeds, duct static pressure, set point temperatures, supply duct temperature, damper opening percentages, fresh air temperature and condensing unit information.

The building is open to the public from 10am to 11pm seven days a week




Lynn Road


Five ComfortDisc modular air handling units for heating, air conditioning and heat recovery.   Comfortdisc control panels.  Five Daikin ERQ heat pumps used for air conditioning.  Three Wolff condensing gas boilers for LPHW.  Air distribution by Ductsox fabric duct on four systems.  Air distribution by mini duct high velocity ducting on one system.  five Aprilaire programmable thermostats for user inout and time and temperature control.  Five CO2 sensors, five remote temperature sensors.